4 Daily Habits to Avoid After Botox Treatment on the Face

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4 Daily Habits to Avoid After Botox Treatment on the Face

4 Daily Habits to Avoid After Botox Treatment on the Face

Botox treatment is a breakthrough in the medical industry. Not only in the cosmetic industry but for certain health conditions such as excessive drooling, an overactive gall bladder, or migraines.

Many prominent personalities in the showbiz and entertainment industries opt for this rejuvenating cosmetic procedure to lift their faces and remove wrinkles. If you are planning to get lip fillers in Sugar Land, Texas, in the upcoming days, you have landed on the right page.

In this blog, you will discover four daily habits that should be immediately avoided after the botox treatment. It will ensure the healing and recovery process of the injection site proceeds without interruption.

Makeup Application

It is not advised to apply makeup to your face if you have recently gotten botox and filler treatments in Sugarland. Makeup products are chemically synthesized. It might adversely affect the injection site and cause symptoms like itching.

It is highly recommended to avoid even light makeup within the first 12 hours or as prescribed by the doctor to speed up the natural integration of the botox into your face.

Alcohol Consumption

It might be tempting to take sip a wine or pop up a shot at parties occurring immediately after the botox treatment. Consuming alcohol might invoke similar body reactions such as swollen sites, temporary redness, and itching. It is suggested to stop consuming alcohol or other alcoholic products such as wine or beer to skip any interference in the re-naturalization of the injected site.

As alcohol is popular for altering the quality of the blood, it might affect the site negatively. In place of alcohol, you may pick fruit juices to curb the need to drink or may say no to drinks completely until a thumbs up from the doctor.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is harmful even for normal, unprotected skin. It is suggested to stay out of the bright sunlight after botox treatment or as advised by the doctor.

Full daylight is sufficiently potent to break and alter the skin and melanin chemistry.

Hence, it may be highly beneficial for you to avoid sunlight and step out of the house in the evenings. Use of lotions and moisturizers with high SPF assurance might be used, but only after the doctor’s suggestion.


A cigarette is high in the amount of tobacco which is not desirable for a human body. Smoking affects and reduces the standard amount of oxygen in your body, which is critical for accelerated healing of the tissue. Although quitting cigarettes forever is a healthy habit, you can wait for your doctor’s remarks before you start again, if you are a chain smoker.


Lip fillers and botox are normal these days. Indeed, they are less invasive methods to get rid of wrinkles. These are always better than going under the knife for wrinkle-free and young skin.

However, there are certain habits to avoid to ensure the process and recovery go as intended. Patients who recently chose to get lip fillers and botox should thoroughly go through the post-botox instructions provided by the cosmetic facility.


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